Monday, July 6, 2015

The Plan of Happiness! :)

Hmmm. If you were Sister Best, what would you write about this week? I'd probably just spew out every thought that comes to my brain.

This week was busy. We had meetings and lessons scheduled nearly every hour of every day. They were all insightful and wonderful. The weekend was spent preparing for and running a booth for the City of Moore's 4th of July event, which was incredibly successful! Our ward mission leader, Brother Lusk, is one of the most dedicated saints in the world, and he let us borrow a TV and an iPad to show Mormon Messages, and he had made these signs to put up, so we looked pretty official. It was fun to hand out Book of Mormons all day and clarify our beliefs to thousands of people! We got sunburned, so President let us wear these nifty straw hats. I keep saying "these", hopefully I remember to attach the pictures, and this will all make a mountain of sense. Inbetween shifts at the booth, we went to the Judy's for a cookout and they invited Amber and her family, and they came! It was a blast. We were all a little bit tired... My companion fell asleep in a recliner and the elders fell asleep on the couch... Hahah. Oops!

There was a day this week where Sister Garner and I had the opportunity to teach the Plan of Salvation four times in one day. Being able to teach such profound truths over and over and over again, and seeing them bring tears to peoples' eyes over and over and over again, is not only a rewarding experience, but a faith building one as well. I don't have all the answers to my questions, I wish I did, but I do know that there is comfort and peace in waiting patiently to receive answers. And I know that no matter how difficult it is to be patient sometimes, the Lord will always help us understand our individual purpose.

We had a leadership meeting earlier this week and President Walkenhorst showed us the training that the apostles gave to the General Authorities before General Conference this year. They talked a lot about Sabbath Day observance and how when we evaluate out own sabbath day, and begin to make changes to devote ourselves more fully to use it as a day of rest and to think about Christ, then our overall spirituality will increase, as will faith and endurance of families. It was mentioned in this training, among so many great points, that "Covenants are not stagnant". When we take the sacrament, when we renew our covenants, those things don't stand still, we're always either moving forward or backward. But it's a path to perfection. Our lives are a path to perfection.

Then President Walkenhorst said something among discussion that will stick with me infinitely. He said, in essence, "The Doctrine of Christ is never giving up on trying to be perfect." We may never achieve it in this life, but when we continue to act faithfully to repent, renew our covenants, and increase the spirit in our lives, and we don't give up because we become immobilized by our weaknesses, then we will progress, we will move forward, and take steps on the path toward our Father in Heaven. Our purpose in this life is striving to be like Him more and more so that we're comfortable in His presence.

Telling people this, helping them see there is purpose to life and that we all have divine identities, changes a person. It has changed me, it changes the people we teach, but ultimately, it changes our desires and we begin to refine ourselves to align our will with God's, because therein lies true happiness.

Hmmm. This is messy and scattered. Updates on people:

Amber: Is still incredible. She has finally begun reading the Book of Mormon and she loves it. She's feeding us this week and she has begged us to show Victor the plan of salvation afterward, so that we will do! I've never seen anyone change like this family has.
Jayme: Still a saint. She and Brother Anderson have truly folded themselves into the ward. He's in the process of advancing in the priesthood so that he can baptize her. They're SO close!
Conor: There are no words. Except that one of the elders accidentally threw a basketball at his face and he had to get new glasses. But other than that, he's made the decision to go to BYU next year, so that's going to be awesome. And we had a lesson about preparing to serve a full time mission and he's excited. "If this church wasn't true, no one would do this for 2 years and feel good about it." Amen, Conor. Amen.
Chasadi (Amber's next-door-neighbor): We had another lesson with her! This time we finally got to teach her the Plan of Salvation and it was exactly what she needed. It helped her understand the priesthood and we have her praying about baptism. She has had a tough life, but she is strong and willing to continue learning. She's wonderful.

Anyway, there are a lot of miracles going on over here! Emails don't do it justice, but I wish you all a happy week! Happy July! Love you bunches!


Sister Best

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