Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hermana Best! My P-day is on Tuesdays (Week 1)

Like, it does not matter what people tell you about the CCM. Its different than that. It is harder and more powerful. It feels a little bit like a center in the 50's if I'm being quite honest. Because the girls cannot sit with the boys and we all look sharp but we just giggle as we pass the opposite sex.

I just have to start off by saying how blessed I am. I will attach some photographs, but this place is amazing. Every morning I wake up and remember I'm on a mission, then I walk outside and remember that I'm in Mexico. It's overwhelming to say the least.

I'll start with the big things first. I volunteered to give a talk in sacrament entirely in Spanish. I even slipped in a few jokes that were probably incoherent. For example, we're District 12, so I wanted to stand up there and say ''I volunteered as tribute!'' But instead I just said ''yo soy de la 'mecca' de nuestro gente.'' (I am from the Mecca of our people). But it was such an incredible experience. I cannot believe how much I have picked up in the short amount of time I have been here. Our district gets along really well because there is such a diverse group of personalities. On Sunday, Presidente (something spanish I can't pronounce) asked me if I could be the Hermana Trainer for our branch. I was thrilled! Still trying to figure out the duties that entails, but I'm all about more resposibility.

My work ethic has boosted so much just being here. If I had this kind of drive and passion in my school work, I probably could have cured cancer by now. I know it's not me though, the Lord has opened my eyes and my ears to learning so much.

Elder Oaks came to dedicate this as on official CCM on Sunday!! All the otros speakers were speaking in Spanish except Elder Oaks, so it was muy interesante, but mostly I had no idea what was going on. When Elder Oaks spoke, it was powerful. He said a convert means to be and become.I liked that. Even if we are members of the church we need to be and continue trying to be a convert to the Lord. After her left the building, the pianist played EIGHT verses of I Need Thee Every Hour and we all just hummed along and stood still. Nobody moved. El espiritu fue muy feurte.

On the second day, they make you teach your first lesson. Just you and your compaƱera. Todos en espaƱol. It was terrifiying. Hermana Chugg y yo went in to teach Adan, our investigator.  We stumbled over our words and had no clue what he said at all. We didn't even comprehend that he was inviting us into his house. It was devastating. When we got out into the hall, we both just started laughing. Hysterically. Then our laughter turned into tears and our tears turned into the mightiest prayer of all time. So we got down on our knees and we just sincerely chatted with the Lord, in horrible Spanglish, but we know he understands. One thing I have learned from being here so far is that we have the capability to be completely specific with the Lord and he will bless us. We should be as straightforward and with the purest intentions for the clearest of answers. I never understood that before.

My Spanish is coming back to me like nobody's business. I'm retaining and recalling information that I don't think I've ever even learned before. I feel bad because Hermana Chugg is really struggling with the language and I think the only reason I'm excelling is to help her. Hermana Chugg and I could not be any more alike. And sometimes that's not so great because that makes two utterly loud and stubborn people be together all the time. But I´m learning how to humble myself and serve her instead of try to make myself stand out. It has been good for me. I think I'm supposed to learn a great deal about patience with Hermana Chugg. We have only been here for four days and she has already lost earrings, her house key, and her closet key (twice), and various other things that are on the ''Hermana Chugg's Struggle is Real'' list. Hahaha. Oh geez. But I love her. I love that on our first day, I said ''Hermana Chugga-Chugga! I fit in the shelves in this closet, come get in and get a picture with me!''. That picture is attached for sure because it was awesome. Hermana Schultz is our roommate and she is in the photo as well.

Tomorrow will be our fourth lesson with Adan. Just FYI these ''investigators'' are returned missionaries who just pretend--and are really good at it-- to be somebody they met on their mission. Our second lesson went really well. It helps me to shut my notes and just speak from my heart. I know that sounds corny, but when I'm conjugating in my head instead of reading something I've already written, I understand more.

Nothing here is scary. I was nervous to come here but the food is clean and usually quite yummy, there are water coolers everywhere with clean water, and it's a super safe compund that we're on. Every single day I am grateful to be here. Like, for example, what did you do today... Oh, work... Bummer. I played beach volleyball in the middle of Mexico barefoot. So, like it definitely has its perks.

BUT THIS IS HARD. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. We are always working on something. And even if you wanted to be idle it would be difficult. I didn't understand what it meant to be so scheduled and focused all the time. The first few days I consistently spent feeling like I wasn't up to the challenge. I didn't feel spiritual because I was studying the language so hard and my mind was all over the place, but then I realized... This is something so much more than me. And it always has been. I'm not here for me. I'm here for the Lord. I'm here to rescue my brothers and sisters from darkness. I am so honored to be here and so grateful for my amazing family. I can´t get Henry's, adorable song out of my head and it makes me "feel waaaaaay better."(Edit by Sara's sister: I thought for those who don't know about Henry (Nephew, age 2) or his song,I'd share that it is a song about taking a breath and counting to four when you're in a frustrating/hard situation, calming you down before you react) I hope everything in Utah is wonderful. Even if there were some kind of earthquake, I probably wouldn't hear about it down here in retro confinement so you guys can't ever stop writing me.

I love you guys. I miss you all. But mostly I just wish you could be here with me. Having allergies and smelling the flowers like me in the middle of Mexico and learning an entire new language in 42 days. XOXO.

Hermana Best

The photos are...
A mexican sunset and some amazing scenery. (top)

Just a portion of the books they gave us to study from.

And, as promised, some misioneras in a closet...

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