Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hermana Best has arrived safely!

Hi everyone!! I'm here and so happy! They just gave us our fancy green packets with our name tags, schedules, and companions so it is starting to feel official over here in Mexico City. I saw most of you quite recently so this letter might be a bit short, but I'll try to make them a bit longer next time. Also, only some of the punctuation buttons on this keyboard work so you'll have to forgive my typos.

My companion is Hermana Chugg, which is actually really exciting because she and I found each other on Facebook about a month ago and she's going to Oklahoma with me! She is such a sweetheart and I have already spent the majority of the day with her so I'm thrilled that we get to be companions. Woah, sorry I sound so boring... I'm exhausted. I keep thinking I'm hearing my phone go off, and the computers play As Sisters in Zion and the Army of Helaman on a loop so I'm a little disoriented.

This MTC (AKA the CCM en Espanol) used to be a high school but with the influx of missionaries, they converted it into this beloved MTC so it is still in it's first year. Which is actually really incredible because that means that Elder Oaks is coming later this week to dedicate it as an official Missionary Training Center.

Here are a few observation I made on the way here:

Everything in Mexico City looks like ruins but they're painted all neon colors which makes the city vibrant. And any possible area of ground that doesn't have a tree on it, there is a building crammed in. It is so crammed, so many things to look at, and I am so honored to be here. It is humbling. The roads are very scary though and no one knows how to drive. I thought Utah was bad but I kept having to check the bus drivers blind spot. Even the graffiti is beautiful. Sister Chugg saw it and said, òh my gosh, even the graffiti is in Spanish. That's so cute!! Hahaha. Love her.

 A lot of my Spanish is coming back to me already but I am definitely starting to feel far from home. I love you guys. Thank you everyone who helped me get here. I'll write more later but I should probably go. People are starting to comment on how long my email is.

The photographs are the bus from the airport with Hermana Chugg and a yellow-toothed pic of my amazing name tag!!!

 I love you all!

Hermana Best

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