Monday, February 16, 2015

The shortest update of life

Hi friends and family alike! Last night we had a weird snow/sleet storm, which is an odd shift from the 80 degree weather we'e been having. But it caused our cars to be grounded. Luckily, a sweet member came to pick us up from our house so we could email at their house. However, this is going to be short.

I guess the biggest news is that I'm getting transferred to Oklahoma City! My new address is:
2751-B W Interstate 240 Service Rd 
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

My new companion will be Sister Hirschi. No, a different Sister Hirschi. Hermana Hirschi is still happily in Idaho. This will be Sister Hirschi's last transfer of her mission before she goes home so it's likely I'll be in OKC until the end of my mission. I'm excited! But pretty bummed to leave Sister Chandler. We've worked through a lot of tough stuff together and have grown to love each other and work really well together. However there's more work to be done elsewhhere! So it should be terrific.

Let's see... what happened this week?

A lot. A lot of finding. A lot of trusting in God. A lot of...getting dropped. A lot of ministering to struggling sisters. A lot of anticipation to find out what was happening. A lot of prayer. A lot of miracles. And happiness.

On Friday, we were able to go on exchanges with the sisters in the bike area, which was a good opportunity to get to know Sister Gubler better, and as we were biking around, the sun was out, and the streets were calm, and I just felt a surge of gratitude emanate through my whole soul. I prayed to my Heavenly Father and thanked him for this beautiful world we live in. And for all of the light and knowledge that we have that gives us so much opportunity for growth and progression in this life.

Something I'm working on is denying myself of ALL ungodliness. It's tricky to do. Moroni 10:32. It means being completely honest with yourself.

I wasn't kidding around, this is short. But I love you folks. And I hope you have a wonderful week.

See you in OKC!


Sister Best

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