Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trust in the Lord with All Thine Heart...

Good morning, all!

I know it's Tuesday, but I promise we're not being disobedient. This week we had mission conference so we swapped our P-day yet again. Yesterday we got to hear from Elder Foster of the Quorum of the 70, and he spoke to us about prayer and the importance of relying on our Heavenly Father in all things. AND IT BLEW MY MIND. You would think this would be a pretty simple concept to grasp for a missionary, but sometimes we get so caught up in always making sure we're on time and have enough people to see and are talking to everyone and are doing service and coordinating schedules that... sometimes we forget to involve the Lord. Forget to be sincere in our prayers and specific and ask him for the things that we need, to guide us and direct us to the people that are ready.  I have recognized that I was not counseling with the Lord nearly enough. But this counsel to be sure to pray sincerely about everything we're concerned about came in handy this week with my new companion!

My "daughter" is amazing. I love her. Her name is Hermana Hirschi and she's from Idaho. She's especially darling because for some reason she doesn't think Idaho is just northern Utah... No, I'm kidding. I really like messing with her because she's Idaho proud. She even works for Spud Harvest in the summers. ;) I love her. She's training me, to be honest. She works so hard, she is catching on so quickly, and she already loves the people she teaches and is a bomb-tastic teacher. So it has been an easy transition. I keep double checking with her to make sure she's okay because I feel like she's doing too well to be a new missionary, hahah.

However, yesterday, she did give me some pretty tough news. She said she has had this overwhelming feeling that she's not supposed to be here on her mission. She's struggling because she wants to be here and she's scared to go home but she feels sure that she is not supposed to be here... So she's been praying about it, and we're going to talk to our district leader today. The Lord also told me to encourage her to request a priesthood blessing from one of the elders, so we are planning on doing that when we are done emailing. I've been praying and praying and inviting her to receive a blessing is all I am sure of. It's interesting because while we were in trainer's meeting, President said something, and while I don't quite remember what his words were, I remember having a feeling that my companion would be likely to go home early. And something told me to have peace about that. This is one of the strangest things I've yet to experience, because I can tell she's being sincere in her desire to be here. Pray for her. :)

So this morning I was wrapped into my studies about putting trust in the Lord and found several scriptures that really helped me a lot. I know the Lord loves me. I can feel it for me. I definitely never felt that way 7 months ago. So now it's just trusting that BECAUSE he loves me, He can do miracles through us. The scriptures I found are some of my favorites. The obvious, Proverbs 3:5-6, and Alma 36:3. I just know that we need to recognize WHO we put our trust in. Trusting in ourselves will fail us every time, trusting in others will fail us even worse.

I love my family and those who have supported me all my life. I reflect back on those who have always helped me, cared for me, and strengthened me, and I am endlessly grateful. I know how special families are, and how much we as people are all connected in some broad way. We have this obligation to take care of one another. To uphold one another. We are responsible for answering each others prayers and being the flesh that God can work with to do so. And so I stand fully aware of how much the people in my life have done that for me. And I know you all are home doing the same thing for others.


We found this toad and I thought it would be a good idea to bring it into our apartment while I grabbed my camera... And then it hopped out of my hands and we had to scramble to try and catch it... I guess we have rules for a reason or whatever.

Here's a picture of myself and Hermana Hirschi with Sister Chugg and her new companion!

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