Monday, August 18, 2014

Another Dream Week in Enid, OK!

I seriously feel like eventually I'm going to have something to complain about, but I would really have to rack my brain to come up with something. Everything is just good. Life is just good.

Various things we learned this week, not terribly relative to the Gospel:

-When Hispanics trust you, they give you cans of coke as you leave their house. We have like ten cans just sitting in our fridge.
-Dora the Explorer is a television show for spanish-speaking kids as well! Except it's called Dora La Exploradora and she teaches them how to speak English. And we learned this because Jose and Timoteo, two middle-aged men who live in a trailer, had a Dora notebook on their kitchen counter. I will attach a photo to illustrate how wonderful this is.
-A 19-year-old girl who looks like Reese Whitherspoon bible bashed with us for about a half an hour. Then she asked my companion what her sign is, and then when she found out she was a Leo basically told her that she hated her. Then she told us she didn't believe in God... and we were really confused about her motivation to Bible bash with us.

Various things we learned this week, distinctly relative to the Gospel:
-Last week, we had a training that talked about the importance of our key indicators, or the numbers with which we use to mark our goals and progress. Most missionaries hate using them because it seems heartless to attach numbers to people. But ever since this training, our whole zone has been motivated to utilize them for their worth; the importance of bringing members to lessons, the importance of setting baptismal dates, all of these things... We have seen our numbers jump, which has increased our productivity, which has increased our success, which means that more and more people in the beloved city of Enid, Oklahoma are hearing the Gospel. And I am so excited to be a part of it. As a result of this week, we have 6 new people listening to us teach, we taught almost 20 lessons, and the Elders are having a Spanish baptism next week! Yeah!

-Every Friday we do service for the Enid downtown library, shelving and facing books and dusting the shelves. We spent two hours comparing the Hunger Games to the Gospel. It got pretty deep. And it actually opened my mind to help me realize that every book I've ever read, every scientific theory, every single thing is live is directly relative to the Gospel, and the Gospel can explain it. Any law of life, no matter what it may be concerning, ties back to how flawlessly the Lord's church has been prospering and the foundation it is based upon. Everything we know is vital and applicable in every aspect of life: agency, the atonement, and the laws of God never interfere with eternal happiness. In fact, it produces it.

Quote-able moments from church: "Your testimony is more than what you believe, it's who you are."
"The choices that we make will determine our outcome. If we expect results for having not deserved them, we do not understand how our Father in Heaven works." So true. We are given commandments, we keep the commandments, we receive the blessings. If we break the commandments, we are invited to keep on keeping them until we receive the blessings. Gah. So simple.

We get to go to the temple tomorrow!!! For my first time in 7 months! How exciting is that?

I love you guys. I hope everything at home is going well; everyone seems delightful. :)

Love you all!!

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