Monday, July 21, 2014


Hi everyone!!!

Ready for some crazy, crazy, crazy news?

They are whitewashing our area, meaning they're taking both Hermana Oquendo and myself out of the area, and putting in Elders! My companion is going to the northern part of Oklahoma City, and I'll be going to Enid, Oklahoma with my MTC companion, Hermana Chugg!!!

Don't worry, we didn't do anything bad. All the spanish-speaking sisters are going home this transfer and they need to spread them out where they're needed. So. Yeah.

So I would love to say we've been super effective this week when it comes to finding new investigators and teaching a billion lessons, but we haven't. Mostly we've been organizing everything and updating our area book and contacting everybody and their dog. And trying to figure out how to handle the fact that everyone we're teaching is a single woman. And visit a million less active members. Stressful. But it's been good.

I'm excited. I was a little apprehensive about staying here for another transfer, but now that I'm leaving, I'm sad! I love the people, love this town, love the ward. I know my way around. I recognize everyone on the street, my companion and I were really starting to teach well together. But it will be good. A new adventure.

In Enid, the missionaries only teach in Spanish. I can't guarantee they have a huge pool of people to teach, but they pass off all their english investigators to the english missionaries, which is definitely not something we did here in Wichita Falls, so it should be interesting. This will be a challenge indeed. One that I'm excited for/nervous out of my mind for. But Hermana Chugg and I had fun together so it will be fun to be together again! <---Forgive this redundant, super-obvious sentence.

We did have one big miracle this week, though. Sharon works at Walmart, and I always make sure to check out in her lane on P-days. She had mentioned her brother was a member, so we took down her information and went to visit her. She said she wanted to get baptized on the spot! Right after the first lesson. So at least we're leaving the elders with one super solid investigator to teach. She is the sweetest woman, and I love her. I'm sad we won't get to be here to see her on her journey, but she is incredible. I've taken down her information (and pretty much everybody else's information...) to write letters of encouragement. I never thought I could love so many strangers, so fast.

I've been pondering faith lately. How sometimes we get frustrated if our faith is waivering. We expect to just have it. But faith is a God-given gift. A blessing, even. And like all other blessings, we receive them from our own obedience to the commandments. That's why whenever we don't see people at church, we can usually figure out why they have doubts about basic principles. Or if the people we teach aren't reading the Book of Mormon, then of course their faith in it isn't going to grow! Faith is developed based on our own actions. We have the choice to be faithful, just like we have the choice to be happy. And if we choose to be faithful, we will succeed in being happy as well.

Pictures: Our District! The very best of them all.
My favorite member...Shh. Sister Pettingill. :)

I love you all!

Hermana Best

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