Monday, June 9, 2014


Hey Party People!

I feel like not much happened to report this week, but that's a completely relative statement. Because a lot always happens. Every day. But I guess I'll start with the most urgent news first,
Hermana Gonzalez is getting transfered to Stillwater, Oklahoma. (Why do they call it Stillwater? Because they still have water!! Yak, yak, yak) Aaanyway, she's leaving the day after tomorrow and my new companion, Hermana Oquendo (Oh-ken-dough), is coming on down. Apparently she doesn't speak much English, but that will probably be a really good thing for me. I need to improve my Spanish. And anyone who knows her loves her and says she is the sweetest person ever. That's really nice to hear. :) I'm a little nervous to stay in this area and try to catch someone up on all the people and their situations and whatnot,but I just have to trust that we've been working hard enough to be able to handle it.

I'm super sad to see my companion leave. I've gotten pretty attached to her, she's like the Mexican sister I never had! But she's been in Wichita Falls for seven transfers and she only has one left before she goes home so we saw it coming pretty early on and we've been mentally preparing ourselves.

Yesterday I took a look around the ward and I had a realization. I love these people. I love them so much. And I love the people we teach. And I love the people we just run into on the street. I never realized how shallow I allowed myself to be back home, but every person is God's child. And it's hard to see that in the real world when we let ourselves get wrapped up in judgements of other people. We really are responsible for each other. We had an investigator (Wanda), a less active, and a recent convert (Leigh) bear their testimonies yesterday, and each one mentioned how the Gospel had changed their lives since the missionaries started coming around. It reminded me that we really are here for something. For some reason, that's easy to forget sometimes.

Michelle's still getting baptized! She has a specific person in mind that she wants to baptize her and he was out of town, so we rescheduled it to tomorrow. This is so exciting. She has been investigating the church for like 8 years!!!
We have done a lot of service this week. And by that I mean, we have killed a lot of cockroaches and found a lot of drugs and gross movie collections. But we did get to go and help Brenda clean out Joshua's room. That was hard for her, and I'm glad we could help. But she loves the missionaries. She offers to cut our hair for free and feed us, and she says that all of the missionaries are her new kids. So she tells all her co-workers, "My girls are coming over tonight!". It's sweet. She's such a sweetheart.

So overall, it's been a good week!

Last Tuesday I was being pretty tough on myself, and my companion recognized it right away and cracked me down. So then she made me divide our whiteboard into three columns and she made me list 10 things I like about myself, then she called all the missionaries in our district and made them tell me things they liked about me, and she wrote them in the middle column. Then she listed things that she liked about me. And it was really special. Picture attached. :)

To tell you who our new district leader is, here is a picture of him in a skirt I found in a washing machine in Mexico. (No, I didn't steal it... it had been there for weeks.) Solid leadership material.

Also, here's a picture of Mark polishing my shoes. They look dang good. :)

I love you guys. I hope everyone is doing really well. Just remember, God is the only person we can turn to in our trials. He will respond if we have enough faith.


Hermana Best

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