Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!!

HOLA MI FAMILIA (y amigos) !

There's a lot going on at home! I'm happy to hear that!

Hey, guess what!? Ms. Kate Berry, one of my very oldest and dearest friends, is serving in Hong Kong in the ward that Ms Angeline (Driggs) Lapray, another one of my very best friends, lives in. Isn't this a small world!? I just found that out and thought everyone should know!

It was absolutely delightful to speak with some of you yesterday. I waited a long time before I started to write this email so it might be a bit shorter that usual, but you aren't missing much. If y'all want more information, drop me a letter and I'll respond in heavy detail. We had a few miracles finding people while we knocked some doors in the projects and just randomly behind a Taco Bell. It was good because we were kind of running out of investigators to teach... This week has been good, better than last for sure. We had a really intense training in District Meeting about charity and love and the importance of it. I then had a few studies on it and it has really helped me appreciate and love the people I work with and serve. Every thing we face contains a certain element of our own input. Meaning, we have to decide how we're going to accept a challenge and we can literally choose the outcome of something based on our own attitude. I'm a firm believer of that. It's our choice to get offended if someone doesn't return that love. By choosing to love, we're basically choosing to have a happier life.

Here's something else I've been thinking about... The Lord is never just going to give up on us. I think sometimes we live in fear that he will. But he never has before and he always keeps his promises. Which means that as long as we do all that we can he will bless us. And maybe the hold up is that "all that we can" means something different to each of us. But all we have to do is try. Try with sincere intentions. It doesn't have to be hard. The hardest part sometimes is just swallowing our pride and committing to that ONE change that's going to help us come closer to Christ. After we do that, after we trust that we are not alone, the Lord will direct our paths. NOW GO READ PROVERBS 3. He will direct our paths!!! That means he will provide for us, help us make decisions, keep us safe, make sure that every detail we worry about will be taken care of. If we, as imperfect human beings, could truly comprehend that, we would give our yokes to the Lord and stop worrying so much! This doesn't mean our lives would be perfect, but it would be more peaceful, for sure. It goes back to choosing to be happy. We will be given the strength to overcome weakness and use them to our benefit.

Man oh man does God love us. He gives us so much for us to be happy, all we have to do is ask and try. I hope everyone understands that fearing God is just having a desire to please him and not caring what man thinks about that. We should never be afraid of our heavenly father.

This may have been the least entertaining email I've sent so far, and if you're anything like me you probably just skimmed it, but I feel very grateful to have this knowledge and I hope it helps at least one of you.

I love all of you. God does too. Way more than me.

Hermana Best

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